Continuing Education Courses in Oriental Medicine for Acupuncturists, Chinese Herbalists and Asian Bodywork Therapists

Welcome to The Whole Circle™. This is the home of affordable, downloadable, audio distance learning continuing education courses in acupuncture and Oriental medicine. Our coursework is taught exclusively by Jack M. Daniel, M.Ac.(UK), L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.(NCCAOM), who has been teaching Oriental medicine since 1973.

The Whole Circle's e-commence website will cease all operations after February 22nd, 2022.  All eligible courses will continue to be accepted for grading until then for NCCAOM-approved PDA's.

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The Whole Circle™ Curriculum is given under NCCAOM Provider Number ACHB 319.

Please visit our Catalog page by clicking on the selection at the top of any page to see the full list of courses, now shown collected into 'families' of courses of like kind.  In addition you can easily reference which courses are specially approved by various states in addition to their NCCAOM approval by visiting the 'Course Credits and Approvals' table. You can also find this information on each individual course page, as well as the course designation numbers. 

Since there is a required step in the testing process instituted by the NCCAOM, before sending a quiz and an evaluation form to you, you must request, and then we will send, a 'Qualifying Worksheet.'  Details on this are available from the Testing Instructions page.

You can also learn with Jack by taking live courses, seminars and workshops with him. Click here to view the Calendar of Events.  You can reach us at or 410-948-6615.