New Two-Hour Ethics Course Makes Its Debut Posted on 17 Dec 08:47

On January 1st, 2016 the NCCAOM is changing its requirements to 2 hours of ethics and 2 hours of safety in addition to non-credit CPR.  We're not happy to see a four hour ethics requirement go by the board, as our experience in delivering the first approved ethics course in the nation over these last ten years shows us that ethics never goes off the radar as an essential element in ongoing training for our profession. Nevertheless, in seeing a need we are filling it.  So we have made a two hour ethics course for you to use for your NCCAOM renewals as long as you're renewing after 1/1/16.  The content is compressed, the time rolls by very quickly and there is a new section on the use of social media and the special considerations in using it when it comes to your patients.  The price is right and we hope you find it as useful, insightful and pleasant to use as the old four hour and five hour mainstays have been since 1/1/06.  Just click here and be whisked to the page:

Enjoy the holidays!