Our New Safety Course Makes its Debut Posted on 6 Jul 10:02

On January 1st, 2016 the NCCAOM changed its requirements to 2 hours of ethics and 2 hours of safety in addition to non-credit CPR.  We weren't happy to see a four hour ethics requirement go by the board, as ethics never goes off the radar as an essential element in ongoing training for our profession. Nevertheless, we are dancing to the tune of the NCCAOM.  Now, in addition to our two hour ethics course for you to use for your NCCAOM renewals our 'Safety Issue in Oriental Medicine' course is up and available.  Just click here and be whisked to the page:  http://www.thewholecircle.com/collections/ethics-issues-in-oriental-medicine/products/safety-issues-in-oriental-medicine.