A Universe Made for Two - The Genesis of Creation Through the Lens of Torah and Nature

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The world-views of materialism and spirituality seem to be at odds. As paradigms, they each literally bring different realities into existence. The age-old divide between them is one of the thorniest problems many face. This leaves the practical application of those paradigms free reign in how we see the world. Perhaps the prime example of this is the centuries-old arguments between science and religion. Could it be that this division and separation was, in the end, unnecessary and needlessly painful? 'A Universe Made for Two' may provide an answer and show the way to a bridge between spirituality and materialism.

Over two thousand years ago the Chinese described Yin and Yang as the building blocks of the universe.  A thousand years before that the ancient Hebrews were receiving the Torah, the scriptural text that describes the nature of Creation at its beginning. One wisdom is expressed in Chinese and the other in Hebrew. Both reveal the inner nature of the duality universe. The profound mysteries of the numbers One and Two and their interplay are the subject of this book.  That interplay is evident in the natural sciences, as well as in the Hebrew scriptures and the Taoist canons. 

Maimonides, the ancient Hebrew physician said, "that those who understand the blending of the natural and the Divine are like royal subjects being within the throne room of their exalted king, while those seeking an understanding of the Bible but lacking an understanding of the natural sciences were subjects groping in vain for the outermost gate of the king’s palace."

Through a lucid analysis of the first eight verses of the Hebrew text, example after example of how the spiritual world inserts itself into the physical universe is displayed.

This book, 'A Universe Made for Two,' calls upon the disciplines of Torah critical interpretation, Chinese medicine theory, geometry, biology, chemistry, quantum mechanics and particle physics, string theory, astrophysics & cosmology, Yin/Yang philosophy and Kabbalah.  The parallels between, intersections of, and illuminations cast from one discipline to another, are the stimulus for the synthesis found within the covers.  May it have merit, help you gain a glimpse into the throne room of the King, and prove worthy of the expenditure of your time.


Here's what readers have said: 

"This book surprised me.  I read it without knowing what to expect.  I learned about Creation according to Genesis in religious school.  I also learned about the origin of the universe in my secular education. Throughout my life, these were two mutually exclusive explanations.  If you accepted one you had to reject the other.

Jack Daniel’s book brilliantly unifies Torah and science.  This merger results in a congruent explanation that not only allows room for both, but actually supports each view.  Most impressive."

Bobbi Sobel

 "Jack Daniel has spent years wrestling with deep and hard questions.  He has not left anything unexamined. His account enlightens and stretches our imaginations.  A great read."

Ted Kaptchuk

Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School