Convert ICD-10 Codes From ICD-9 Codes Easily

$ 25.00

This Conversion Document Is Likely to Be Your Best Friend for the Changeover to ICD-10 Coding.

As of October 1st, 2015, all ICD-9 codes with which, as acupuncturists, we're all so familiar, cease to be able to be used for our patients for insurance purposes.  If you use ICD-9 codes after September 30th, 2015 you will create lengthy delays in either your patients' reimbursements or your own payments being made in a timely fashion from insurance companies.

Don't be caught with your codes down!

With this easy-to-use document you can look up codes from either the ICD-9 direction or the ICD-10 direction or using the old ICD-9 description or the new ICD-10 description.  The reference is simple, and easy to use and includes over 98% of the most commonly used pain related situations with which your acupuncture patients concern themselves.

Using this resource will save you enough time to make the small outlay well worth it by avoiding the aggravation of having to look up your own codes.

Don't go it alone!  Join us in making the transition to ICD-10 an easy one!