Practice Management Statistical Package

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Manage the Growth of Your Practice with Peace-of-Mind Statistics Analysis

Have you ever had the experience of having a prosperous week of practice followed by a slow week and felt your emotions gyrate with the ups and downs? If you need to have a more rational means of analyzing and managing the size and growth of your practice while reliably projecting your income and patient load, this package should solve your problem. Using a proprietary adaptation of an Excel spreadsheet, all that's needed is for you to plug in your raw patient visit information and income figures and the programming embedded in the software will smooth out the swings in the raw data and show you instantly whether or not your practice is growing, shrinking or stagnant. You can see in a moment whether your per patient income is growing or shrinking.

Instructions on how to chart the data are included. Promoting and marketing your practice can be driven by the facts instead of by your emotions and feelings. This software is able to produce a simple to interpret tool to enable you to know at a glance what to anticipate in managing your practice.

I love the charts with the practice managment tools. I did ‘07 and ‘08 - 1 1/2 yrs - this is fun. Thanks - and GREAT JOB!!!!!!! You've created a wonderful way to get interesting CEU's with lots of content - and the charts are wonderful. This can help people see where they need to improve and may show some that they are doing better than they think. Debra P. Gaffney

This practice management tool and its use is featured in the course 'The Business of Acupuncture,' which you can take for 6 NCCAOM PDA's. To check out that course, click here.


You can track and easily determine the following and more with this program:

Patient Loads in Multiple Office Locations
Are Your Patient Numbers Growing or Shrinking?
Is Your Collection Rate Getting Better or Worse?
Is Your Recent Practice Growth the Real Thing?
Project Your Upcoming Income for Planning Purposes
Reveal Seasonal or Other Periodic Fluctuations in Income

There is no NCCAOM designation for this product. It is a practice management tool.

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After you have downloaded this tool, you will be prompted as to whether or not to 'Update' the data. Click on 'Don't Update.' This will insure that your data are always displayed as you wish.


Please click here to view a sample of the charting display.