The Business of Acupuncture — 6.0 CEU's

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Detailed Discussions of the Essential Business Matters of a Professional Practice of Oriental Medicine

What you don’t know can hinder you greatly when it comes to running a successful business. Seventy percent of ALL business enterprises fail within the first 3 years. There is a means to success in creating and growing a practice of Oriental Medicine and it is revealed in this course.

Being prepared and knowledgeable in the elements of business will save you time and money and open the door to a more successful career.

This course includes the lecture/discussion 'For What Are You Being Paid?' in which all of the myths and misperceptions about what it is that you\'re actually doing as a business person will be dispelled. There is one true answer to this question, and relating with your patients while being clear about the answer will transform your practice.

This course represents a distillation of the business side of Jack’s 39 plus years of continuous acupuncture practice. Discover your own attitudes and perspectives on being in business while pursuing your dreams of being a successful practitioner. Most practitioners aren’t all that keen on having to deal with the business side of practice. However, whether you like it or not, you own and really ‘are’ a small business. So, we’ve supplied, techniques, short cuts, procedures and unique tools of analysis for your use. In pursuing a goal, one has to know the ‘rules of play.’ This course exposes many of those unwritten rules and clarifies the obvious ones, and will open the way for your success.

This course is valuable if you are just beginning your practice, or if you have years of practice behind you and need help in achieving a fuller measure of success.

I just wanted to give you some follow-up on my experiences after taking your online business of acupuncture course. One of the things you strongly recommended was clearing out old files. I had a bunch of them in my file cabinet. Originally I just moved the old files to the back of the cabinet but then I took your advice and put them in a separate box. I put them in a closet in my office. Nothing happened. I hadn't had a new patient in over a month. So the other night I brought the box home and put it in my basement. This week I've had three new patients AND Dartmouth College called and said they are seriously interested in meeting with me about starting an acupuncture practice at their student health center. Too much of a coincidence... Thank you for this! Your courses are wonderful. I'm almost through the course on migraines/pain and one of my new patients today is coming for migraine treatment. Amazing stuff, this energetic work... Pat Combs

You have a great knowledge of the business aspect, rooted in a ton of experience, and had some really great advice that is truly valuable to someone like myself. Thanks. Matthew Daniel

Really loved your business class! It was practical information that could be applied right away. More importantly, it reminded me to treat my practice as a practitioner using the same guiding principles of energetic medicine that we use so effectively with patients. Thanks for being so honest and reminding us that being in practice is a joy. Becky Thoroughgood

In this course you will hear the participants in the real-time version engage in question and answer discussions that are interwoven with presentations in multiple areas of concern.


Among them you’ll find:

The Keys to a Successful Practice
Marketing Your Practice
Managing Your Practice By Keeping & Analyzing Your Statistics
Federal and State Tax Liability Issues
Seeking, Establishing and Cultivating a Networked Referral Base
Patient Accounts Record-keeping
Bookkeeping Made Easy
What to Look For in a GOOD Accountant
Businesses Licenses and Permits and How to Get Them
Negotiating the Key Points of an Office Lease
Selecting an Office and Furnishings
Business Banking
Do You Need Financing?


This course is approved for PDA's (CEU's) by the NCCAOM and the states of California and Texas.  This course is approved for six (6) PDA's (CEU's) by the NCCAOM. It is approved for five (5) CEU's by the state of California. Even though the running time of this course is six hours, only five (5) CEU's per license renewal cycle are allowed in the state of California for continuing education that is not directly related to the practice of Oriental medicine (Category 2 Continuing Education Courses).  The NCCAOM designation for this course is ACHB 319-016. It is given under California Continuing Education Provider Number CEP 592. It is given under Texas CAE Approved Provider Number CAE00019. In order to smooth the way in taking this course, please refer to 'Download Instructions' before ordering this course.

The Business of Acupuncture
NCCAOM PDA's Awarded: Six (6); CA CEU's Awarded: Five (5)
Running Time: Six Hours, 3 Minutes (6:03)
File size: 41.4 MB
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