The Clinical Diagnosis Course 11 — Episodic, Severe Pelvic Pain — 3.5 CEU's

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Build Expert History Taking by Hearing Quality Patient Interviews

Listen to an audio recording of an interview with a woman with a 'congenital mal-rotated bowel' and chronic, intermittent abdominal pain, which demonstrates the process of expert history taking, the step-by-step process of making the diagnosis, and how to prioritize and plan an effective treatment design.

This course will benefit beginning acupuncturists as well as those with years of experience.

Listen in as Jack M. Daniel, M.Ac.(UK), L.Ac., Dipl.Ac.(NCCAOM), is conducting the patient interview, exploring the diagnosis with his students and designing the treatment approach. Following the patient examination, Jack gives the details of the process that shaped the diagnosis, informing the systematic approach to treatment. The discussion recorded with students delves into the significance of what the patient reported, the correlation with pulse and tongue findings and the reasons for the sequence of questions Jack asked. You will learn from his clear demonstration of expert history taking, how to establish the highest of standards for patient rapport and trust, while quickly determining effective means to achieve the patient\'s goals.

Through this course you will:
  • Learn to Follow The String™, Jack's unique method of diagnostic interaction
  • Take a meaningful in-depth history completely relevant to the patient\'s needs
  • Diagnose complex clinical cases, especially those with multiple, converging pathogenic forces
  • Determine coherent point selection strategies while staging the progression of treatment over time
  • Skillfully develop shared goals with patients that can routinely produce positive results

This course is approved for PDA's (CEU's) by the NCCAOM and the states of California and Texas. The NCCAOM designation for this course is ACHB 319-026. It is given under California Continuing Education Provider Number CEP 592. It is given under Texas CAE Approved Provider Number CAE00019. In order to smooth the way in taking this course, please refer to 'Download Instructions' before ordering this course.

The Clinical Diagnosis Course XI
PDA's Awarded: Three and One Half (3.5)
Running Time: Three Hours, Two Minutes (3:02)
File size: 20.8 MB
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