Illuminating Each Other — The Zang/Fu and The Five Elements

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The Siblings of Yin/Yang and Wu Hsing Find Each Other At Last

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In the discussion you'll find here, we went from talking about sneaky spirochetes and Lyme Disease to the nature of the pulse associated with such an infection. Soon we were in an in-depth discussion that readily illustrates the interpenetrating relationship between Zang/Fu energetic physiology & pathophysiology and The Wu Hsing and the Laws of The Five Elements. When the Wu Hsing break down, and instead of us finding their perfect harmony we find pathology, we can discern the workings of the Shêng, Ke and Cheng Sequences. Taking the discussion well beyond the merely academic and placing it squarely within the realm of carefully designed, clinically oriented, critical thinking, Jack challenges his students to think their way through the complexity of the interrelationships of the Five Phases. By extrapolating the nature of the energetic physiology and pathophysiology of the Zang involved in the case under discussion, he teases out a deep and elegant discussion.

The clinical implications illuminated by the discussion show the possibilities that Jack's vision of the interconnected congruence of Yin/Yang, Wu Hsing, the Five Shen, Zang/Fu, and the Substances can produce. The logo for The Whole Circle™ perfectly represents what this discussion brings to light. This is the view that Yin/Yang and Wu Hsing arise simultaneously in a common source. As such, they never are, nor should they have been, separated or divided from one another. The aim of The Whole Circle™, exemplified in this discussion, is to see these siblings, seemingly separated in recent years, reunited at last.

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