The Art of Superior History Taking — 6.0 CEU's

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Establish Special Ability In Your History Taking Skills

We live in an era in which the art of taking a medical history is disappearing. Almost exclusively in Western medicine today, diagnoses are made on the basis of laboratory-based fluid analyses and on radiographic evidence. CT scans, bloodwork and MRI's rule the day, along with other laboratory test results. The simple questions which can be asked to clarify the patient's concerns are almost never asked.

Amongst the Four Inspections, asking questions is a universal technique across all systems of medicine. When a medical history is taken with superior skills, the degree of certainty of producing a relevant and dynamically useful diagnosis rises dramatically. The art of history taking is the single most powerful tool in verifying and corroborating the information garnered from pulse and tongue diagnoses. When done in superior fashion, your confidence in your diagnoses and your ability to determine outcomes will soar.

I just had the pleasure of listening to your ‘Art of Superior History Taking’ course which was outstanding. I was able to extract better information more quickly and efficiently the very next time I was in clinic. I received new insights from patients I thought I knew well already. Jennifer Wyatt, LAc

I just want to include that by the end of the Art of Hx Taking, I truly felt that I learned a better way to take the history as well as to understand what it is specifically that I am looking for during the intake. There seems to be a science behind the way you look at the person/body, with words used such as frequency, duration, intensity, etc. which one looks for during the intake and you presented it in a way that was new to me and allows for a deeper understanding of the person in his/her environment. Thanks! Sandra S. Park, C.A.

I learned a lot about the art of history taking. I love the way Jack merges Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine. Dean Scarpinato

The course flowed easily. There were wonderful examples of the understanding of setting healthy boundaries within the frame of the history taking. I enjoyed the clarity and ethical approach demonstrated in the questioning of patients/students. Thank you. Lavinia McKinney

I'd like to comment on both "The Root of Diagnosis" and "The Art of Superior History Taking" here. I really enjoyed these courses. The mentorship that Jack offers shows and shares his obvious clinical abilities. His kindness towards the students on the recording and his clarity of teaching shows not only obvious technical efficiency on Jack's part, but, more importantly, models for all of us a "way of being" with our patients that creates the safe container necessary for them to open to their own healing potential......while we practitioners stay awake in our own healing art. Thanks Jack! Kim Merlino

Through this course, you will:

  • Expand your skills in relevant and illuminating questioning, recognizing the natural history of the progression of the patient's symptoms over time
  • Learn the approaches necessary to establish clear and unique methods of expert history taking
  • Establish the means by which to correlate the data coming from the history with pulse and tongue findings
  • Learn to Follow The String™, Jack's unique method of diagnostic interaction
Through the diligence born of superior history taking you will learn how to determine exactly what your patients want you to know, securing your rapport with them. By hearing the coaching provided to the participants in this course, you can recognize the facets of a superior patient history and identify your own learning needs.


Additionally, this course is allied with 'The Root of Diagnosis,' which you can preview while visiting the course page by clicking here. If you take both courses, please begin with 'The Root of Diagnosis,' as it was the design of the real-time courses for it to be taken first.

This course is approved for PDA's (CEU's) by the NCCAOM and the states of California and Texas. The NCCAOM designation for this course is ACHB 319-013. It is given under California Continuing Education Provider Number CEP 592. It is given under Texas CAE Approved Provider Number CAE00019. In order to smooth the way in taking this course, please refer to 'Download Instructions' before ordering this course.

The Art of Superior History Taking
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