The Root of Diagnosis Course — 6.0 CEU's

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Increase Your Effectiveness In
Diagnosis, Treatment Design, and Ongoing Assessment

How you interview your patients determines the quality of the information you get. Having the right orientation to problem solving can mean everything in making a medical diagnosis. Other than having well-developed skills in pulse and tongue diagnosis, the crucial element in performing the Four Inspections is to know:

  • What questions to ask
  • When to ask them
  • How to ask them, and
  • What to do with the answers when you get them
Only by discovering your patients' highest-order goals will you be able to be maximally effective in making a diagnosis. Through the approach presented in this course you will learn how to determine exactly what your patients want you to know, securing your rapport with them. What's needed is a comprehensive line of thinking from which to make sense of the patient's signs and symptoms. Only the unique details of the lives of your patients can make the breakdowns they experience in their well-being have meaning. We maintain, here, that an inclusive methodology requires detailed knowledge of, and dedication to, the entire person: Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit. Comprehensively understanding the symptoms and signs at all levels of the person will yield greater and greater levels of certainty in your diagnostic aptitude. All of this requires the precision born of diligent questioning.


By participating in this course you will:

  • Uncover what's essential to allow you to consistently have confidence in your work
  • Know how and when to ask the questions that will speedily clarify your treatment direction
  • Clarify the means to discern different, converging pathogenic forces
  • Skillfully develop shared goals with patients to routinely produce successes
  • Focus your history-taking to be relevant to the patient's top concerns
  • Prioritize the results of the Four Inspections so that you are treating first things first
  • Learn to Follow The String™, Jack's unique method of diagnostic interaction
This in-depth course on diagnosis can swiftly advance your skills in history-taking, diagnosis and treatment design.

I’m very exciting about this course and what I learned and how it expanded my awareness about my approach to my work. I look forward to doing more courses and learning more from Jack. I feel fortunate to have found such an excellent, knowledgable, and passionate teacher. Shoshanna Katzman

The material presented though was excellent and really created a thought process on diagnosis that will be helpful to anyone who takes these courses. They gave new perspectives and pushed one to realize that thinking outside the box is crucial to effective treatment and gave some tools to do so. I will take additional courses through you! Janet Tune

I'd like to comment on both "The Root of Diagnosis" and "The Art of Superior History Taking" here. I really enjoyed these courses. The mentorship that Jack offers shows and shares his obvious clinical abilities. His kindness towards the students on the recording and his clarity of teaching shows not only obvious technical efficiency on Jack's part, but, more importantly, models for all of us a "way of being" with our patients that creates the safe container necessary for them to open to their own healing potential......while we practitioners stay awake in our own healing art. Thanks Jack! Kim Merlino

Additionally, this course is allied with 'The Art of Superior History Taking,' which you can preview while visiting the course page by clicking here. If you take both courses, please begin with 'The Root of Diagnosis,' as it was the design of the real-time courses for it to be taken first.

This course is approved for PDA's (CEU's) by the NCCAOM and the states of California and Texas. The NCCAOM designation for this course is ACHB 319-009. It is given under California Continuing Education Provider Number CEP 592. It is given under Texas CAE Approved Provider Number CAE00019. In order to smooth the way in taking this course, please refer to 'Download Instructions' before ordering this course.


The Root of Diagnosis
PDA's Available: Six (6.0) PDA's
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