Learning the Nei Jing in Small Bites™

Dear Colleagues,

Most students of Chinese medicine study the Nei Jing during school in some format or setting.  After leaving school most don't spend that much time, if any, studying it on their own.  Almost none engage in a formal classroom setting or even an informal discussion with colleagues about the details of the text. Of the means available to learn the Nei Jing in English, just a couple of translations have enough faithfulness to the Chinese text to qualify as definitive: Henry Lu's translation from the 1980's and Paul Unschuld's translation from 2011. While Unschuld has done a spectacular job of teasing out the subtlety of the text from a sinologist's and etymologist's perspective, the text as translated isn't the easiest to apply to practice. Henry Lu's translation, while not the most pristine from a linguist's perspective is a friendly companion to the practitioner.

In light of the above, I've taken it on myself to lead a discussion group on the Nei Jing, beginning with the opening paragraphs of the Su Wen.  As time goes by, we'l keep adding recordings of our progress through the text, employing Unschuld and Lu in their English renderings of this precious asset to those of us who love Chinese medicine.

Having no formal claims to expert abilities in the realm of translation or interpretation of the Chinese text, I've, nevertheless, decided to make the recordings of the in-person discussions held in Baltimore Maryland available for all those living and working elsewhere.  In the meantime, we're working on producing this as a webinar or a video streaming experience.  For now, however, it comes to you in it's digital voice recorded version.  The cost is only $5 per half hour session and no CEU's are currently available.  Just click on the session you see below to make your selection, although you may want to just begin at the beginning and carry along from there.

I wanted the pleasure found in discussing the ancient wisdom of the Nei Jing applied in this modern kind of mixed-up medical world in the West to be available to all.  Enjoy!