'Learning the Nei Jing in Small Bites™,' Su Wen, Chapter One, Session 3: Opening Discussion of the Unfolding of the Jing Through 7 and 8 Year Cycles

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This session of the discussion on Chapter One opens the dialogue between the Yellow Emperor and Qi Bo on the unfolding of the Jing over the long 7 and 8 year cycles of evolution for women and men respectively.

Thinking through the meanings of characters with the backing of the subtlety of the analysis of Unschuld is illuminating of what we might almost gloss over.  Oh yeah, we might say, and move on to exciting other matters in the text.  However, we'd miss understanding some of the Chinese thinking in the congruence of men with Yang in their development.  Additionally, we might otherwise miss the connection of the Du and Chong Mai with the Blood of menstruation for women.