Advanced Seminar Program XI Part 2 — Chronic Injury and Blood Stasis — 4.5 CEU's

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Detailed Discussions on Practical Concerns in the Treatment Room

Each of the live sessions recorded for this course covers a few topics in detailed, thorough and patiently constructed discussions covering wide-ranging areas related to the practice of Chinese Medicine. At many American medical schools seminar learning has replaced lecture style formats. The seminar setting has proven to be a powerful forum for learning for our students as well. During each of the seminar sessions, the practitioners attending propose several diverse subjects and in engaging, interactive discussions, the many dimensions of the issue are surfaced, pulled apart and probed. Any and all questions are welcome and are thoroughly investigated.
In real-time version, this program has been running virtually uninterruptedly since May of 2000 as The Six Month Advanced Training Program in Acupuncture. Scores of practitioners and students have enthusiastically attended these seminars.
Jack clarifies each subject with immediate practicality, while consistently exposing the discussion of each area of concern in great detail. Multiple approaches to both acute and chronic conditions are explored, responding to the needs of each of the participating practitioners and their patients.


The topics found in this course include:

Clinical Alternatives for Needle-Averse Patients
Treatment of Branches from the Roots of Old Injuries
Treatment of Blood Stasis
External Pathogenic Invasion
Persistent Phlegm Conditions
Etiology, Manifestations and Treatment of Wind-Related Patterns
Tongue Diagnosis
Treatment of Gynecologically-Related Patterns

This course is approved for PDA's (CEU's) by the NCCAOM and the states of California, Florida and Texas.  The NCCAOM designation for this course is ACHB 319-099. It is given under California Continuing Education Provider Number CEP 592. The state of Florida CE Broker Tracking Number for this course is 20-265049, and it is given under Florida Continuing Education Provider Number 50-7646. It is given under Texas CAE Approved Provider Number CAE00019. In order to smooth the way in taking this course, please refer to 'Download Instructions' before ordering this course.

Series XI Part 2
PDA's Awarded: Four and One Half (4.5)
Running Time: Four Hours, Six Minutes (4:06)
File size: 28.1 MB


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