Zang/Fu and The Officials Series

Marrying Chapter 8 of the Nei Jing Su Wen with the details of Zang/Fu theory is the essence of this course series. When Yin/Yang, Wu Hsing, The Five Shen, Zang/Fu, and The Substances are seen to grow out of each other, inseparably, the whole person shows a fullness and texture that is unsurpassed by any other system of medicine. The power that this affords the practitioner of Oriental medicine is enriching, challenging, and inspiring; producing rapidly advancing levels of demonstrated ability and confidence.

This series, followed by the 'Patterns of Disharmony Series,' represents the core of Jack M. Daniel’s vision of the congruence of Yin/Yang and the Wu Hsing. Yin/Yang and Wu Hsing (The Five Elements) arise simultaneously in a common source. As such, they never are, nor should they have been, separated or divided from one another. These siblings, seemingly separated in recent years, have been reunited at last. Come join us as we penetrate to the heart of Jack’s detailed discourse on the essence of whole-person Chinese medicine: 'Symptoms and Signs Constitute the Shadow of the Disharmony.'

Using textual study and references, enriched by abundant notes, challenged by a quiz, this serious academic course will establish the distinctions necessary to negotiate the difficult clinical cases found in everyday practice with swiftly growing competence and confidence. The killer of skill is doubt. Take this opportunity to leave your doubts behind when you enter the treatment room.

Here is what some of our students had to say about this series:

FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! I would recommend these 12 to everyone!!!!! I absolutely believe that anyone who is interested in Chinese medicine, either practitioner or patient will benefit from your understanding of the classics.

Donald Simonetti

I appreciate CEU classes like yours. I've taken a few that were really simple and, to be honest, quite boring. Yours has been one of my favorites. I look forward to making my way through all of them.

MacKenzie Muir