Zang/Fu and The Officials XII — The Extraordinary Fu — 2.5 CEU's

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Introducing The Extraordinary Fu

The Extraordinary Fu are primordial and, hence, are also akin to the Eight Extraordinary Vessels. The term applied is Qi Heng Zhi Fu. That is, Fu which are Qi Heng. Qi is the same character as Qi in Qi Mai, Extraordinary Vessels. Qi indicates surprise at something strange, not common or habitual, yet something in which to have confidence. Heng indicates the idea of crossing between two things or sides, yet with constancy and perserverence. The Extraordinary Fu are something between Zang and Fu. They are called Fu yet act like Zang. There are no pairings amongst them.

There is only one reference to The Extraordinary Fu which appears in the classics of Chinese Medicine: Su wen, Chapter 11, and it is very brief:

‘The Yellow Emperor asked, “I have heard from some physicians that the brain and marrow are sometimes regarded as Zang, that the intestine(s) and the stomach are also regarded as Zang or Fu. When they are confronted with opposite views, they all insist that their own view is right. I am rather confused by their different views. Could you explain this matter to me?”

‘Qi-Po replied: “The brain, marrow, bones, Mai, gall bladder and womb are the six organs generated by the Qi of the Earth; they are stored in Yin and function like the Earth (planet) in putting things in storage. Thus they store up things without draining it (them) off, and they are called odd and constant Fu.”’

Part Twelve of the Zang/Fu and The Officials Series is a departure from the rest of the courses. The essence of the first eleven sessions of this course is to marry Chapter 8 of the Nei Jing Su Wen with the details of Zang/Fu theory. In the twelfth and final session we reveal the comprehensive, rarely detailed particulars of the energetic physiology of The Extraordinary Fu.

When Yin/Yang, Wu Hsing and The Substances are seen in light of their mutually interdependent existence, each aspect reveals more about the other. This enables greater facility with clinical discrimination and critical thinking.

This course, followed by 'Patterns of Disharmony,' represents the core of Jack M. Daniel’s vision of the congruence of Yin/Yang and the Wu Hsing. Yin/Yang and Wu Hsing (The Five Elements) arise simultaneously in a common source. As such, they never are, nor should they have been, separated or divided from one another. These siblings, seemingly separated in recent years, have been reunited at last. Come join us as we penetrate to the heart of Jack’s detailed discourse on the essence of whole-person Chinese medicine: 'Symptoms and Signs Constitute the Shadow of the Disharmony. '

Using textual study and references, enriched by abundant notes, challenged by a quiz, this serious academic course will establish the distinctions necessary to negotiate the difficult clinical cases found in everyday practice with swiftly growing competence and confidence. The killer of skill is doubt. Take this opportunity to leave your doubts behind when you enter the treatment room.

In fulfilling our objectives, participants in this course will:

• Develop their understanding of Yin/Yang and its relationship to the Zang/Fu, The Officials and the Patterns of Disharmony.

• Demonstrate a high level of understanding of the Substances: Shen, Qi, Blood, Jing and Body Fluids and their relationships to the Zang/Fu & The Officials, and the Wu Hsing.

• Show insightful levels of understanding of the theory of the Zang/Fu and its relationship to the Sheng, Kê and Cheng Sequences of the Wu Hsing, illuminating the understanding of the Patterns of Disharmony.

• Become deeply familiar with the intimate relationship between the functions of The Officials, the generation and economy of Qi and the other Substances and the theory of the Zang/Fu.

In Part Twelve Jack generously elaborates the details The Extraordinary Fu.

Here is what two of our students had to say about the course:

Brilliant presentation Jack. Kudos to you for your labor of Love pulling all the Extraordinary Fu material together into such a cohesive informative format. Fantastic presentation of this material.
Lois Barnett

It is very refreshing to have courses available that truly are reflected in the classics.
Lawrence Erpelding
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Zang/Fu & The Officials XII
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