Testing Instructions

Background and General Instructions:

Requiring you to take a quiz and complete an evaluation form for your course in order to get your PDA's (CEU's) meets with NCCAOM, as well as various states' approval. We must certify that you have listened to the recording of the course you purchased from The Whole Circle™.

If you do not require certification for completions of courses for the NCCAOM, please communicate that to us when you email us to request your testing materials. That will save you time and effort as you will not be required to complete qualifying worksheets for your courses. Otherwise, the next instruction will apply to you.

Before sending a quiz and an evaluation form to you, you must request, and then we will send, a 'Course Worksheet,' which is now a required step instituted by the NCCAOM. This is in order to verify that you've listened to the recording. As such, only when sufficient time has passed for you to have actually listened to the course for which you seek a Certificate of Completion, will the 'Course Worksheet' be sent. You'll need to complete and submit it to quizzes@thewholecircle.com in order to pass through this newly added level of NCCAOM requirements. Once the 'Course Worksheet' has been reviewed and approved, the quiz and evaluation form will be sent. This is required in order to receive and maintain approval from the NCCAOM to offer courses in distance learning format. Additionally, the NCCAOM and the states require an evaluation process from students as part of all of their approved coursework, distance learning or in-person learning. You must e-mail The Whole Circle™ at quizzes@thewholecircle.com requesting the appropriate course worksheet, and then the quiz and evaluation form for the course you purchased. They all must be completed and sent back to us for you to receive your PDA's (CEU's). Once you have passed the quiz and submitted your completed evaluation form, your Certificate of Completion will be sent to you as an email attachment.


All quizzes are in Multiple-Choice, Fill-in-the-Blank and/or True-False format. Passing grade is 70 per cent and a maximum of three attempts at passing are allowed in order to complete a course. Please just send your completed quiz and evaluation form back to us as email attachments to PDA@thewholecircle.com. Further, we really want your feedback to know how the course worked for you and how to serve you better. Your opinions matter to us.

Don't forget, you must complete and submit the 'Course Worksheet,' and the quiz and evaluation form for each course you take in order to receive your PDA's (CEU's).

Just send us an email requesting the appropriate worksheet and then the course quiz and evaluation form at quizzes@thewholecircle.com. When you complete the quiz and evaluation form, just send them back as email attachments to PDA@thewholecircle.com.

If you need to produce documentation for renewal of your credentials in California or Florida, please clearly note that fact in the email in which you request the worksheet or the quiz and evaluation form. You have a maximum of four years from the date of your purchase or until February 28, 2022 to complete your coursework, whichever comes sooner.  After February 2022 The Whole Circle will cease operations.

If you make an error in your purchase and wish to seek a refund, please read the information found by clicking on Refund Policy.