A Universe Made for Two - The Genesis of Creation Through the Lens of Torah and Nature

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When the ancient Taoists proclaimed Yin and Yang as the building blocks of the world, who would have thought that the ancient Hebrews would be receiving text that declared the exact same thing!  The profundity of the ideational, numerical abstractions of the numbers One and Two and their interplay is the subject of this book.  That interplay is evident in the natural sciences, as well as Taoist canons and Hebrew scriptures.  Maimonides, the ancient Hebrew physician said, "that those who understand the blending of the natural and the Divine are like royal subjects being within the throne room of their exalted king, while those seeking an understanding of the Bible but lacking an understanding of the natural sciences were subjects groping in vain for the outermost gate of the king’s palace.  My book, A Universe Made for Two,' calls upon the disciplines of Torah exegesis (critical interpretation), Taoism, Chinese medicine theory, geometry, biology, chemistry, quantum mechanics and particle physics, string theory, astrophysics & cosmology, and Kabbalah.  The parallels between, intersections of, and illuminations cast from one discipline to another, are the stimulus for the synthesis found within what I’ve written.  May it have merit, help you gain a glimpse into the throne room of the King, and prove worthy of the expenditure of your time.